What you need to know about banners


Strip is a long work of vertical lines.Size is generally a piece of paper to cut.When arranging the rules of the book, it should be carefully conceived and new in accordance with the characteristics of the book.During the creation, pay attention to the primary relationship between the text and the fall.Falling money should be staggered, natural and vivid.The drop can be written at the bottom of the end of the text, the layout should leave room.The bottom end of the style is usually not in the body level, in order to avoid formal rigidity.Also can be in the body after another line or two lines, up and down should not be in the body.The seal should be smaller than the word, and the stamp needs to be left over a word, or on the left side of the letter.Banners also include advertising banners, which can be used to advertise and promote a picture that is pulled high or posted on the wall.