The width and width of banners and banners


There are no strict limits on the length of the banner design, which is related to your font content and size layout, as required.
Usually the most regular frame size is 0.7 mX8m, but this is the most regular size of advertising banners, and the ads are used more often.
If you have more words, you can use 0.9mx8m. The size of the banner design of indoor small events is 0.5x10m.
The width of the banner design for 35 cm / 40 cm / 50 cm, 60 cm / 70 cm / 80 cm / 90 cm / 100 cm / 110 cm / 120 cm / 150 cm.
Outdoor length is usually 10-20 meters and 0.9m wide is common.
In a word, different places, the number of words is different, the banner that it USES is different, the consumer needs to set the size of the banner according to the actual situation.