What does the factory do with the fence in the workshop?


What does the factory and the large production workshop use the fence of the workshop?A large workshop with the guardrail net before you know, very intuitive.If the material used, large steel mills gb high-quality low carbon cold rolled steel wire as raw materials, can not use the small plant of the inferior products, strength is not enough. In a few years. Workshop fence mesh is 3.2 4.0 mm, the mesh is 40 * 40 mesh diamond ripple Also adopts double anti-corrosion surface treatment: jinsu, electricity galvanized, hot dip galvanized, plastic spraying, multi-channel process to the factory, the protect bar network can be used more than ten years. Also, there with a series of accessories: card anti-theft bolt connection;Connect mode card;This kind of guardrail net structure is concise, beautiful and practical, the protective performance is good. How is the workshop fence net installed in the workshop?It is usually fixed with expansion screw, which can be equipped with door and open door.