The use and scale of highway guardrails


The highway guardrail network is the most important transportation infrastructure. The Chinese expressway was carried out in the 1980s. It has a primary influence on the development of national economy and society.It is the primary protection and safety guarantee equipment of the highway.
Raw material: choose low carbon steel wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire, spray plastic.
Weaving and characteristic of highway guardrails: welding and forming;The grid structure is simple and easy to transport, and the device is not subject to the rugged terrain, especially the adaptability of mountain, slope and multi-bend terrain.The product is firm and has a low price, suitable for large area selection.
Highway guardrails are in a different position: over the years, following the rapid development of domestic highways, the security barrier has been expanding., but because the goods produced in China and the lack of a decade, using moment commodity standards published only five or six years, just two years, published by the state standards to produce manufacturer to produce the goods from the function, technical parameters, skills to grasp each are not identical, making this the quality of the goods the good and bad are intermingled.Some sections because chose anticorrosive skills handled guardrail products, less then a year or two, guardrail and rusty, not only influence the visual function of the highway, also greatly shortened the guardrail useful use period, also increased the protection capital together.In the early stage of China, it was usually used to protect the paint, and later, the method of hot dipping zinc was gradually adopted, and it was still widely used in the protection of hot dip zinc.Guardrails are the large long-life equipment used in the outdoors, and the selection of the protection system is to select different protective systems for different atmospheric environments.The newly released national standard GB/t18226-2000 "the anti-corrosion skill conditions of the steel components of expressway traffic engineering", the protection of guardrail products is divided into four categories: galvanized, aluminized, galvanized (aluminum), and then coated and molded.In the area of villages and pollution is not serious, can be used alone, hot-dip zinc layer type protective coating alone or protective fence panels, and in heavy industry or coastal city area, especially the acid rain area, general hot-dip zinc or plastic spraying coating barrier board not to use fixed number of year alone may lose effectiveness, form a barrier protection capital increase greatly.The corrosion resistance of hot dip aluminum guardrail is better than that of general hot zinc barrier, but its skill, skill, capital and environmental impact are not widely used.The protection system of hot dip aluminum + spraying is a kind of uneconomical method.The double protection system of galvanized plate + spray plastic can be used to achieve a better anticorrosion effect in the area of heavy pollution, especially in the acid rain area. The method of protection is the most durable.
Highway guardrail network: highway guardrail net, traffic guardrail, highway guardrail, highway guardrail.
Guardrail features: highway guardrail net is beautiful with goods, not deformation, installation is convenient, is a kind of ideal metal fence products, can be made into permanent wall, and can be used as a temporary blocking net use, only need to choose different pillar fixed method can be completed.It has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-drying and waiting.The method of anticorrosion can be chosen with electroplating, thermal plating, spraying and leaching.
The use and scale of the highway guardrail: first used in parks, zoo fences, schools, field enclosures, road traffic obstructing and temporary block