Knitted Composite Geotextile

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Reinforcement and drainage of soft soil foundation and back filtering projects. Improve the strength and stability of the foundation.

2.Key Specifications:
Carboxyl end group CEG(mmo/kg): 13.5
Molecular Weight(mn): 3200
Tensile strength MD(kn/m): TGS-T30/30, TGS35/35, TGS-T50/50, TGS-T60/60, TGS-T75/75, TGS-T100/100, TGS-T120/120
Elongation: 10%
Permeation coefficien(cm/s): 10-2
Equivalent aperture: 0.15

3.Special Features:
High tensile strength, good permeability, good back filtering effect, light and soft.