Flex Banner Geogrid Mesh Fabric Tarpaulin

PET Geogrid8030kn

ntroduction: High strength polyester industrial yarns are adopted and woven through warp knitting into grid base fabrics, then dipped with PVC coating. These grids are used for the reinforcement of earth-fencing walls, soft-soil foundation disposal and road foundation projects to increase the quality of the projects and reduce the costs of them. 

1. Reinforcement and Stabilisation of earth fencing walls for railroads, highways and water conservation projects; 
2. Reinforcement of road foundations;
3. Retaining walls;
4. Road slope repair and reinforcement;
5. Be used in noise barriers construction;

Key Specifications:
Tensile strength(kn/m): PET-45/30, PET-60/30, PET-80/30, PET-100/30, PET-120/30, PET-150/30, PET-200/30, PET-20/20, PET-80/80, PET-100/100, etc.  (ASTM D6637)
Elongation: 13%   (ASTM D4637)
Creep Limited Strength(kn/m): 31; 42; 56; 70; 85; 106....  (ASTM D5262)
Long Term Design Strength(kn/m): 25; 34; 45; 56; 71; 89....  (GRI-GG4)
Weight(g/m2): 310; 330; 380; 490; 590; 620....  (ASTM D5261)

Special Features:
High tensile strength, low elongation, small creep property, good resilience, high resistance to chemical and microbiological corrosion, strong bonding capability with soils and gravels, preserve the nature appearance of slopes, increase the quality of the projects and reduce the costs.  

1. We can customize special products according to the needs of clients. 
2. Test Method: ASTM D6637; ASTM D4632; ASTM D5262; ASTM D5261, GRI-GG4.
3. The technical data are according to our laboratories and testing institute.

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